Imagine/ — Video Installation. Exhibited in “Un Claro en el Dosel de la Espesura” collective exhibition in Caracas, Venezuela. Plurarte Gallery, curated by Efrain Ugueto. The main theme of the exhibition was to answer the question of “How could be the Venezuela of the future?”. For this opportunity I participated with three artworks: An installation, and two kind of ready-made sculptures. 

A country where everything changes, and nothing is forever (except the green). A territory where nothing is defined, or at least set in stone. In this unstable reality where symbols are changed like dirty socks, even the most established is at risk of extinction. If they changed the flag, the coat of arms, and history, why not the country's name?

I asked the artificial intelligence what Venezuela was like, and it responded with chaotic imagery, green mountains, and chaos. Imagine is a compilation of all those common places Venezuela is for the collective mind. Are we a common place? Are we just a big Favela? Is that we think of us? Or how people want to see us?