(Caracas, Venezuela 1994) Visual Artist & Designer. Informed by her background in Illustration, Photography, and Visual Design. Curielis’ practice merges strong conceptual images with a undeniable truth. Her work explores the effect of time, life, nature and the decadence of human condition, always with a fascination for the unknown and what is to be discovered. She works as an artist & designer in the city of Milan. Curielis, is Camila Curiel’s artistic name. 

Exhibitions & Publications

2022     Identidades ︎︎︎ Centro de Bellas Artes Maracaibo, Fundación Fenice Larralde
2022     Aleatorios ︎︎︎ Fundación Govea Meoz, Vortic.art
2021     Code Iconic ︎︎︎ The Holy Art
2021     Aleatorios ︎︎︎ Fundación Govea Meoz, Vortic.art
2021     Autismo dejando Huella → Garna Art Gallery

2021     Perspectives ︎︎︎ CICA Museum, Gimpo, South Korea
2020    Publication ︎︎︎ Porridge Magazine
2020    Publication and cover in ISSUE #6 (part II)︎︎︎ Ladies Drawing ClÜ2019    Catalogo Iberoamericano de Ilustración ︎︎︎ FIL, Guadalajara2019    NoThemeMiArt ︎︎︎Fabbrica del vapore, Milano
2016    MeridaFoto IV Photography Salon︎︎︎Modern Art Museum of Merida
2016    Incubadora Visual︎︎︎Galpones de los Chorros G11, Caracas
2015    Incubadora Visual︎︎︎Contemporary Art Museum of Zulia, Maracaibo.
2015    Alicia en el país︎︎︎Espacio Avaro Sotillo, Caracas


2017-18    Master in Visual Design︎︎︎Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milano
2014-15    Editorial Illustration Workshop︎︎︎Rosana Faria, Prodiseño, Caracas
2013-16    Illustraion and 2D Animation︎︎︎CDD, Caracas
2011-14    Photography︎︎︎Roberto Mata Taller de Fotografia, Caracas