A visual essay of a city that no longer exists, serves as an invitation to the Venezuelan context. It showcases a context affected by social entropy, where even in the face of the most complex storm, we manage to find beauty in the smallest details. I owe who I am today to my city, a panorama that has been transformed, and one that I still struggle to comprehend. Almost everyone has left, including myself, but perhaps you are still there.

It may seem that within three minutes, you will witness my story, but in reality, it’s a chapter shared by millions, resonating within our hearts as a warm echo of sadness. It is a constant yearning for what could have been.

In 1977, Jacobo Borges wrote and illustrated "La Montaña y su tiempo," a book that discusses Caracas, Ávila, and the city that exists no more. At different times, Jacobo and I have felt a similar connection for different reasons. This illustrates that things have always changed, forever transforming and that the immigrant departs and evolves, just as the city does.

The collection of images presented in this work were mostly captured between 2015 and 2017, amidst journeys, family, friends, work, and moments that I will cherish forever. Through them, I have gained invaluable lessons. I want to express my gratitude for accompanying me to the beach, inviting me to your terrace to await the macaws, sharing laughter, coffee, and even tears. Thank you for permanently residing in my memories, for being an integral part of my story, which is also yours. You are always with me.

Direction/Editing/Voicing/Music: Camila Curiel