Back in 2017, I read an article that said that in
that year the U.S produced 35.4 million tons of plastic, from which only the 8.4% got recycled. Those numbers shocked me so much, that made me understand that the problem was the mere existence of plastic itself, more specifically single- use plastic.

I also understood that I, alone wasn’t going to change that much and that it depended mostly on governments and organizations to change their policies, so since that is not going to happen, I decided in 2020 to create a strategy, a machine,
a system to get rid of this major problem and give humanity an alternative.

Ten years later, after trial and error, studying and prototyping, I came up with PLASTWAYQ90, a machine that eradicates plastic, available not only to companies but as well to regular consumers. But how do you use it? You open the machine’s compartment, insert the desired material to delete, press the green button, and, it’s ready. Plastic is transformed into oxygen particles.

The attached footage was taken from the PLASTWAYQ90 screen, which shows the process and status of the plastic that is being eliminated.

This fictional project is the result of a strong desire for economical establishment to change and also the feeling of impotence towards this critical issue that is driving the world as we know it to irreversible levels of destruction. Sadly, governments aren’t writing the correct legislations to finish this plastic era, even though the alternatives are out there,

but are just in need of the correct economical and political support to start this urgent transition. I strongly doubt that PLASTWAYQ90 will exist one day, let’s hope it does.