Envaca—Exhibited in “Un Claro en el Dosel de la Espesura” collective exhibition in Caracas, Venezuela. Plurarte Gallery, curated by Efrain Ugueto. The main theme of the exhibition was to answer the question of “How could be the Venezuela of the future?”. For this opportunity I participated with three artworks: An installation, and two kind of ready-made sculptures. 

“Envaca" is a manual reassembly of the well-known logo in Venezuela, Encava, the main buses brand of the country. This Symbol of Venezuelan Identity, connects with the rich history and symbolism associated with this brand, inviting to reflect on the ever-evolving nature of our behaviour as a society, not only as venezuelans, but as citizens of the world. An imperceptible yet profound change that toys with the idea that cows could become the transportation of the future in a world where sustainability and long-term planning are neglected concepts.